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If you have any questions that are not listed here please contact us on 01253 292292

Can I view room avaliablity?

Yes, our easy to use system has an overview of your room avaliablity. You can easily select future or past dates.

Does it only accept online bookings?

No, you can add bookings from the account area. If someone walks in off the street or rings your hotel you can add the booking to the system.

I dont want to let some rooms out on certain dates.

You are able to block rooms based on a date range. This will prevent anyone from booking these rooms on the selected dates.

How long do I have to wait to be paid for my bookings

We do not hold any of your money. All payments by the customer are paid directly into your paypal account.

What is your commission rate per booking.

No commission is charged per booking. Our services are provided to you based on a yearly fee.

Can I manage multiple hotels from one account

Yes, you can add multilpe hotels to your account. Each hotel will have 3 levels of access that you can assign to staff.